Our Company

Our passion lies simply in assembling the right team for the right product, at the right time. Established in the breathtaking Pacific West Coast in Canada, PacWest was founded on quality, business acumen, strategic government alliances, extensive knowledge of regulations, construction expertise and a proven track record within CTLS licenses and facilities.

Our in-depth understanding of the forces guiding the public policy behind the marijuana file, experience in successful LP applications, relationships with suppliers, government support and a devotion to health and safety will ensure the satisfaction of both our clients and investors.

OUR Vision

The PacWest vision is to offer a no-compromise solution to the safe production and distribution of cannabis in Canada’s post-prohibition marketplace.

A lake with mountains

The Pacwest Executive Team

Pacwest has established an executive team with a range of professional background that span all functional areas. The company’s approach is founded upon growth, synergy, integrity and intimate knowledge of the current regulatory environment

Gurdeep – Chief Compliance Officer

Gurdeep acts as a senior adviser and consultant for publicly listed companies with considerable experience in compliance and regulatory aspects of listed issuers.  Mr. Johal currently sits on the board of directors of two CSE listed companies and has extensive networks within the capital markets, provincial regulators, and the various exchanges in Canada.

Cam Bissonnette – Director of Distribution

Cam has been a business owner and entrepreneur for over 25 years.  He obtained a Marketing Diploma from Okanagan University College in 1993.  Subsequently Cam obtained a Duty-Free License from the Federal Government and currently operates multiple Duty-Free stores.  Cam brings extensive experience and knowledge in the federally regulated retail environment, which allows him to operate and market multiple successful locations. Cam also possess widespread knowledge of newly introduced Provincial Cannabis Distribution Regulations and has pre-existing relationship within various Liquor Distribution Branches.

Kip Lindsay – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lindsay has had a multitude of experience as a top-level executive and a serial entrepreneur. He currently owns several franchises and independent businesses providing him with the knowledge and skillset to start, grow and scale companies in the consistently evolving economic climate of Canada. He has vast expertise in leading executive management and sales teams through his designation as a professional business and sales coach.

With his post-secondary education focused on business leadership. Mr. Lindsay was the youngest General Manager in Canada of a non-profit business in British Columbia during his early 20’s. This fueled his need to personally succeed and motivate others to do the same. Since then, he has amassed an outstanding resume of skills, knowledge and passion, which ultimately led him to his current role leading a highly skilled and motivated executive team at PacWest.

Phil Floucault – Vp of Business Development

Phil Floucault is the founder of Father Sun Farms, an Organic Permaculture operation in Slocan Valley, British Columbia, which provides only the highest quality eggs, poultry, lamb and pork for the West Kootenay region. Prior to this position, Phil was the Vice President of Operations for Interra Energy Services for 5 years.

Phil held Domestic and International leadership positions with Halliburton managing multiple departments with a budget of $150 million and a staff of over 200. He attended Mays Business School at Texas A&M in 2009 as well as had his name published in SPE papers for completing and evaluating the first ever reverse cementing operation in Canada with ConocoPhillips. He has more than 7 years of Completions field engineering in more than 6 countries in North America, Africa and the Middle East. His 17 years of experience in oil & gas well completions and business development has led him to his current position with PacWest.

Jamie A. Lewin, CPA – Chief Financial Officer

Jamie Lewin brings significant experience to his role as CFO with PacWest. He has more than 20 years’ experience in accounting and finance for private and public companies. They range from brokerage and investment through to manufacturing, distribution, resources and service. Operations have been both domestic and international. Previous management positions include CFO, Controller and Finance Manager.

Strategic Alliances

OUR Facilities

Under a unique ACMPR licensing program approved by Health Canada, PacWest intends to be the owner of 2 CTLS Site Licenses, allowing for the development of 2 separate production facilities in British Columbia and Alberta. These facilities are located in BC’s Fraser Valley Regional District and Town of Olds, Alberta. Designed with growth in mind, PacWest’s head house can accommodate up to 600,000 square feet of growing areas.

OUR Technology

The PacWest facility utilizes an aeroponic cultivation system that is positioned to be the most advanced cannabis grow technology in the market. The system provides increased yields and harvests in a self-contained, intelligent, controlled environment.

Aeroponic systems are known for the quality product they produce. Applying nutrients directly to the roots allows for the development of large and healthy buds. Aeroponics-grown cannabis is known to blossom with ripe trichomes, producing an abundant and desirable end product.