PacWest Canopy Investor Update March 2018

March 8, 2018


Pacific West Canopy Holdings Ltd. (“PacWest”) entered into a joint-venture agreement with Agro-Greens Natural Products JV (“Agro-Greens”). Through this joint-venture agreement PacWest has acquired ACMPR Additional Site Licenses and will build 2 separate 200,000 sq. ft production facilities (cultivation square footage) in Mission B.C. which will operate as full ACMPR license producers. PacWest will hold 100% interest in both separate licenses, Site 1 and Site 2, upon build-out of the facilities.

Additional Site License applications are initially submitted by the original Licensed Producer (“LP”) and are received directly by the existing LP’s File Manager, thus bypassing the regular lengthy application process. PacWest has submitted relevant personnel security check approvals to Health Canada, and upon receiving security clearance, in conjunction with Agro-Greens, will submit our already complete engineered plans for the additional sites. Health Canada has indicated a stream-lined review and approval process. Given the original LP has already been vetted through their own initial application process, Health Canada considers the additional sites also licensed at this point.


PacWest has secured its Sylvan Lake property, our 3rd site, and has negotiated an additional license from Agro-Greens. The PacWest team met with Sylvan Lake city officials on February 22, 2018 and has begun work on the necessary Development Permits. PacWest has contracted an Alberta-based company to construct and manage a pre-fabricated growing facility for this site which will accelerate time to production. A second phase will increase the cultivation square footage considerably.

The two 22-acre ALR parcels PacWest has secured in Mission, B.C. have received all necessary civic, regional and police/fire approvals for build-out.


PacWest has engaged Omicron ( for the complete design and build of the project. Work will begin on the pre-load on the property this month. Following a 90-day settlement period of the pre-load, Omicron will have completed the design, approval, and tender processes and will be ready to begin the construction phase of Site 1. Site 2 design will then begin with Omicron transferring their design resources from Site 1 to Site 2.

PacWest has engaged TickerForce ( for Investor’s Services, Digital Marketing Services and Creative Services, including a complete re-branding of PacWest and our website. We will go live with the new website later this month. Going forward, all future Investor’s Updates will be available online.

PacWest is pleased to announce the hiring of Jamie Lewin, MBA, LLB, CPA as our new Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Lewin has extensive experience with publicly listed issuers with 20 years of progressive experience and responsibility in accounting, financial analysis & planning, financial management and business administration.

PacWest is also pleased to announce the engagement of Donna Moroney and Wiklow Proactive Corporate Services ( Ms. Moroney has been appointed PacWest’s Corporate Secretary having over 30 years of extensive experience in regulatory and corporate compliance in both Canada and the United States, and acts as a senior officer for various public companies.


The PacWest team conducted a successful pre-listing meeting with James Black, VP of Listings – Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”), to introduce our project to the Exchange. Our legal counsel is working towards our Securities Commission filings and our CSE Application. We are hopeful of a submission by late Q2.


April 5, 2018. Mark your calendars! Meet the PacWest team and hear about how our project is progressing. Details on how to sign-up for the webinar and log on will be emailed to each shareholder. Stay Tuned!


If you have any questions, or just want a project progress report, please email [email protected] You can also call us at 1.778.547.9571 or the soon to be activated 1.888.426.9333 (WEED).


Omicron Canada Inc.; Modus; Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd.; Wiklow Poractive Corporate Services.


Donna Moroney, PacWest Corporate Secretary, will be contacting our shareholders next week to eliminate any deficiencies or missing information in each shareholder’s subscription agreements through an online form. This will allow us to correct the deficiencies and meet our legal regulatory and compliance requirements, go paper-less, and issue your shares sooner! Please keep an eye on your inbox.